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Richard & Donna Lyman - Owners
Cornerstone Communities can be there for you to watch over your investment when you cannot. You will want to know that your property is making the most of your hard-earned investment money. That is why you want to choose a management company that places your profit and peace of mind first.  When you want property management you want professionals who will look out for your investments and put your mind at ease. Cornerstone Communities can offer the services that you need, and the friendly family atmosphere that you want. Our management team has over three decades of experience and would like to put it to work for you. Quality Management can add to your Investment.
Our team has over 40 years’ experience! We provide you with complete management services using up to date, cloud-based software. You get big company results with a personal touch.
Experienced Management
We have access to multiple market research tools to make certain that we provide you with the most accurate look at your rental market. Getting the price right the first time reduces vacancy time.

Professional Market Survey
We will market your home through our available sources on the internet giving you several dozen different sites. If market conditions require we have premium listings available at an extra cost.
Marketing for Quality Tenants
Making certain you have the best tenant begins with quality tenant screening. We will review credit ratings, rental histories, income levels and eviction history.
Tenant Screening Service
We take care of all accounting of income and expenses and process your computerized property reports and income check by the 10th of the month. If your tenants fail to perform, we will start the legal process and work to recoup your rightful funds.
Accounting & Collections
We receive the incoming calls for maintenance during the lease term, and schedule the repair using qualified repairmen or those that you prefer. No late night calls for you!
Maintenance and Turn Over
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