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What We Do

Real Estate investors are finding that the trends are looking good for 2020. Tucson single family homes have shown equity increases in the last five years. All though the rate has been only four to seven percent, experts expect further increases for 2021 and beyond.

Cornerstone Communities was created to help investors select income properties that will best meet their criteria for building future wealth. In the past too many have simply purchased single family homes betting on short term equity increases without considering the consequences of incomplete market research. Now the growth rate has slowed so a new strategy is required. We will listen to your goals and spend the time to research the best real estate investment for you. We specialize in management of small multi-family properties as well as single family homes.

Should I consider Multi-Family Housing?

Many investors do not consider purchasing Multi-Family properties, thinking that they are too complex to manage. Cornerstone Communities can help you with our experience in managing everything from duplex and fourplex properties to small apartment buildings up to 200 units. If you are thinking of purchasing multiple single-family homes, you may want to consider how Multi-Family properties can increase your long term income.
Single Family Management
Successful investors have known that keeping Real Estate as an integral part of their investment portfolio can maximize their returns, stock investments. Real Estate requires management to promote its continued growth. Peace of Mind comes Standard for All. Cornerstone Communities can be there for you to watch over your investment when you cannot. You will want to know that your property is making the most of your hard-earned investment money.
Cornerstone Communities will advertise your property for lease and will bring the best lease terms that are available in the current market conditions. We have found that tenant management is what really makes the difference between keeping your investment growing and experiencing a difficult time as a landlord. Cornerstone Communities believes that finding the best tenant for each property is the best start, and we fully screen each adult applicant to determine their ability to meet our qualifications. Our lease is designed to emphasize the tenant’s responsibilities to maintain the property, and to minimize the landlord’s exposure. We will collect the rents and disburse to the owner with computerized reporting, or file for evictions when necessary. When maintenance needs arise - you do not - Cornerstone Communities works with your tenant and will arrange for qualified workmen to make repairs as needed.
Multi Family Management
Multi Family real estate spreads the expenses over a number of units, and vacancies do not usually have the same negative effect that they do with single family homes

Advice and Support

Cornerstone Communities will determine what real estate investment is best for you. Often overlooked by those desiring to purchase Real Estate, multi-family properties offer many advantages for a profitable experience. Four plex properties often cost no more than a large single-family home and create income by establishing a cash flow, where most single homes only create a capital gain when the property is sold. Monthly negative cash flow can be difficult for the landlord to sustain, especially with repairs, vacancy losses, and today slower (or even negative) changes in valuation. The small multi-family community will not only create the cash flow a home wont, they withstand vacancy better, and repairs are made more economical by dividing costs throughout the number of units. Arizona has a large number of investment properties of this type available; with four-plexes being just the beginning with communities from ten to fifty units regularly available to small investors and investment groups. Today finance companies are balking at purchases of single-family homes, yet they are still very interested in looking at apartment community and other commercial investments with a history of positive cash flow. When you consider these investment advantages, as well as the increase in wealth from improvements and appreciation, Multi Family property investments can be a very wise addition to any family’s portfolio.
Home Owners Association Management
Home Owner’s Associations have a difficult task to accomplish. The Board has a responsibility to follow the written instructions of the CC&R’s and balance adherence to maintaining community standards with the goodwill of the members. Cornerstone Communities steps between the Board members and those who live in the community to negotiate “win - win” solutions. Some members think that the HOA is only there to hassle them and make money. Quality management can help the board to develop a budget that will maintain the community responsibilities and build a strong reserve for future needs. When the members see a clean, functional community they will respect the needs for paying dues, and for the necessity of compliance notices to keep individual properties in their best condition. Cornerstone Communities will work with the budget to find the best vendors to complete the necessary work in the common areas while maximizing each category of works quality.

At Cornerstone Communities we have seen that whatever happens in the national economy there are many people who find it difficult to find quality housing. Many have problems recovering from life difficulties and need a helping hand. In Tucson, area rents are increasing just as the average renter income is dropping. This is why we have decided to create our Charitable Housing service. Cornerstone will be offering aid to renters whether through cash payments or through our low-income rental program. We are looking for people or businesses that are interested in making an investment to help those who are needy in our community. With our upcoming 501 c-3 designation, donations to Cornerstone Communities can be tax deductible. Any help can be used to improve the conditions for our neighbors who are going through hard times. The intention of this program will be to offer rental housing at low to no cost to those that qualify for assistance. During their stay in a Cornerstone Charitable Home, the residents will gradually begin to pay rents up to a point that they establish a positive rental history, recover in their finances and be ready to move on to traditional housing, whether as renters or buyers. As they move on, the rental home will be available to assist the next qualified participant.

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